A Place Where You Can...

  • Experience the love of God
  • Establish and strengthen your relationship with God
  • Enjoy Christian Fellowship and support
  • Grow in your knowledge of God and His wisdom for your life
  • Discover new ways to serve and help others
  • Nurture your family in the love and truth of Jesus Christ

Who are Friends?

Friends are people of all backgrounds and walks of life who have found that their lives were meant to be lived in the light of Jesus Christ. When they yielded their lives to His control, He brought the purity, peace and joy they had always longed for.

Having found peace through Christ, Friends feel a deep desire to gather together and to spread His blessings with one another and to spread the good news to everyone. We at Sacramento Friends Church are one such fellowship. We invite you to see for yourselves how good it is to know and follow Jesus Christ.

History of Friends

The Friends Movement arose in 17th century England as thousands of men and woman, gathered by the preaching of George Fox and other Friends ministers, left established churches to seek a purer and more authentic Christianity. They rejected religious hierarchy and hypocrisy. They found that Jesus Christ had not left His church in charge of others but was still present to teach and lead His people. Jesus Christ led them to practice love and equality among themselves and to all people, to refrain from war and all forms of violence, to worship God in Spirit and Truth without depending on rituals or ceremonies and to live lives of simplicity and service to God and humankind.