Sunday Schedule

Prayer Time – 9:15 am

Meets in the main hall (sanctuary)

Sunday School - 9:30am – 10:25am

There are currently no Sunday school classes for children or youth.  However, there are two adult Sunday School classes. One is studying Paul’s Letter to the Colossians. This class meets in the “George Fox Room” of our Christian Education Building on the northwest corner. It will continue to the end of July.  A new class on a different subject will be started at the beginning of September. The other class is doing a survey of the Old Testament focusing on the prophetic demand for justice.  It meets in the Fireside Room on the southeast corner of the Christian Education Building.

Everyone is welcome to attend our classes. You don't have to be familiar with the Bible. Just bring your curiosity and a willingness to be warmly welcomed into a community of ordinary, everyday people!

Meeting for Worship – 10:30 am

With the exception of: a 10:00 am start time for Easter Sunday, and the Christmas Service

We gather together in the main meeting hall, known as the Sanctuary, for a time of singing, prayer, silent meditation, sharing and a Bible-based message, usually given by our pastor. Those who would like prayer and counsel may meet with our men and women "elders" after the service.

Fellowship and Refreshments – 12:00 am

You are welcome to join us in the Fireside Room following meeting for worship to enjoy some delicious snacks (healthy stuff too!) and visit with lots of friendly people!


Other Meetings During the Week

Growth Groups

There are currently three “growth groups” that meet in various homes of our members. These small groups meet twice a month on a weekday evening.  They usually open with an “ice-breaker” question to help people share a little bit about themselves. Then some time will be devoted to discussing a passage of Scripture, followed by a time to pray for each other.  Next, the group discusses and plan some acts of love and kindness in Jesus’ name. The meeting concludes with a little time of informal visiting and conversation.

These groups are open to anybody and you don’t need to prepare – just show up!  You might call the leaders or the pastors, Jim or Tyla, for directions to a location with which you are not familiar.  Check the Events Calendar to verify the day and time of the meetings and possible break periods.

Tuesday Prayer Meetings

Meeting at 10:30 am every Tuesday.